Some Interesting Real Estate InfoBits

Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc. has published a very interesting report examining the average prices in 63 Toronto Real Estate Board districts in the first half of 2010. Here is the report:
Hot water tanks have been in the news lately because of unscrupulous door-door salespeople and misleading rental contracts. Here is a report by Jim Adair about what you should know:
Did you know…..
* There are currently about 250 condo projects in the G.T.A.
* The condo boom is attributed to areas such as Mississauga, Markham, North York and Toronto intensifying their downtown cores, building up instead of out.
* Toronto sells more condos than any other city throughout North America. Chicago had sales of 5000 units in its best year whereas Toronto went to 23,000 sales in its biggest year, 2007.
* Many newcomers to Canada are buying the new condo units flooding the market every month. Approximately half of the 250,000 immigrants to Canada settle in the G.T.A each year.  Newcomers love condos because they are used to apartment living and living in a busy city.
* International investors love the Toronto condo market. Why? Toronto’s allure is its market stability. Plus, real estate is affordable compared to the world. The per square foot prices in Toronto are a bargain compared to anywhere overseas.
* The average price change of a condo in the 416 area from May 2009 to May 2010 is +21%.
* The average price change of a condo in the 905 area from May 2009 to May 2010 is +12%.  
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Trepidation About the Home Buying Process

” I am a single professional woman and recently worked with David to buy a home. This was not my first time buying a house; however, it was my first time buying a house on my own.

While I was looking forward to owning a home again, I was not looking forward to the whole home-buying process, as I had heard some negative things about the Real Estate industry. Also, I don’t have a lot of background or interest in home maintenance, so I didn’t want to end up with a home that would require a lot of work or have hidden costs or problems.

David provided great service from the beginning of the home-buying process to the end. He is very professional and organized which is important to me as I have a busy life and wanted to be efficient in my search. He did his research and had a process for the search that worked for me and my schedule. He listened to what I said and pretty much nailed the type of house I wanted right away.

During the home viewings, David paid attention to the details in each house such as checking the age of the windows, the furnace, the roof, evidence of water leakage, etc.,  and was able to respond to my questions and I had lots of them.

David helped me secure the home I wanted in a competitive bid situation, and brought a good sense of humour to the whole experience. Overall, I love my house and would highly recommend David.” 

 Merrill Matthews

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