More Talk of Tightening

Great article in BorrowBetter :

Just over a week ago we looked at the rumblings coming from Finance Minister Flaherty about possible policy changes that could “tighten” lending among Canada’s banks. Now, Canada’s banking regulator, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), is stepping in. As reported by Bloomberg and detailed in The Globe and Mail, OSFI is, according to Globe writer Michael Babad, “concerned over what it sees as lenders growing “increasingly liberal” with mortgages and lines of credit tied to a borrower’s home equity”.

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VIP Pricing….1Thousand Bay, Condominiums on the Park.

I have exclusive access for my clients from the Builder for VIP pricing at 1Thousand Bay, Condominiums on the Park. This is an amaxing development near Bloor St. I was at the presentation yesterday. The VIP event will get you in on the ground floor before the regular agents and the public. I have access to purchase the units. Prices after the VIP event will increase . The most successful investors make a healthy investment return by attending VIP events with their Realtors. A select number of Realtors only have access to VIP pricing.

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Property Strategies: Canadian Foreclosures

Great article in  :

Investor Paul Hecht on buying Canadian foreclosures for 50 cents on the dollar.
“Foreclosures are all across the country as banks need to liquidate these non-performing assets off their books. Take advantage of these amazing bargains and buy them at 50 cents on the dollar. Most banks will take what is owed on the mortgage or less. Find out how through our foreclosure subscription.”Sounds great doesn’t it? This is actually a headline from a database subscription company offering to show you how to buy foreclosures for 50 cents on the dollar. Unfortunately it is a U.S.- based service. You won’t see those kinds of headlines in Canada since the foreclosure process here is much different than in the U.S.
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Real Estate Musings

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Today’s Quote: ” If you do not have a vision for the future then your future is threatened to be a repeat of the past.”

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Did you know…..

* Gansevoort (see New York’s meat packing district) is the hotelier most closely associated with the boutique hotel proposal in the Distillery District.

* If you own a condo you are required to have your condo board’s approval before you start costly renovations. The board could force you to convert things back to the way they were without approval. A good example is your board will require a specific under padding if you are putting in a new laminate or a new wood floor.

* The premium for a good condo view typically averages $1000 per floor.

* To keep neighbours from peering into each other’s condo units , the city proposes that the distance between two buildings  be 25 meters or more. As the buildings get taller the distance should increase.

* New condo development should be planned to limit shadows on neighbouring streets, parks and open spaces at all times of the day.

* Tall condo buildings must be designed to not block views of landmark or heritage buildings.

* As of Jan.1,2012 The Ontario Building Code will have some of the most energy efficient building requirements in North America. Developers in Toronto are already required to achieve energy targets that exceed the building code under the Toronto Green Standard.

 * Five reasons to choose a variable rate mortgage: Historically cheaper than fixed rates by as much as 1%, rates are near historic lows, penalties are typically lower, you can lock in anytime, you can start saving right away. If you are okay with uncertainty and risk then a variable rate mortgage could pay off.

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Will Low Interest Rates Cause the Housing Market to Bust?

Great article in

Many people are asking how much longer will rates stay this low. Last week, the Bank of Canada announced no change to interest rates, leaving the overnight rate at 1% and correspondingly the prime rate remains at 3%.

We haven’t seen a change since September 2010. With such a prolonged period of low interest rates, the initial excitement has turned to worry as many economists and citizens alike are worried about the long term effect of such low rates. Over the past couple of years we have seen consumer debt reach historical highs and a large number of people snapping up property based on this artificial affordability. I say artificial because rates will normalize and then these people have to be able to afford their home once rates increase.

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Be Careful When Renting Newer Condo or Home

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Nov. 1, 1991, is a very important date for rental properties in Ontario.

If your home, condo or apartment was built after that date, rent review does not apply. So, instead of the maximum increase of 0.7 per cent permitted in 2011 for most rental units, there is no limit on how much a landlord can increase the rent after the first 12 months of your tenancy.

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In Toronto, GTA, Upmarket Spells Highrise as Single Family Homes Become Scarce

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The GTA has become the epicentre of the incredible shrinking housing market.

While the sale of highrise condos hit record levels in 2011, the supply of new, single-family homes declined to near-record lows. And condos continued their downward slide in size, with new units weighing in at 52 square feet smaller than a year ago.

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28 Insights to Inspire and Ignite Your Thoughts in 2012

Courtesy of Richard Robbins:

1.     Believe in yourself. You have and are everything you need to be to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

2.     In 2012, you are writing the next chapter in the story of your life. Write something that makes you proud.

3.     Remember: if it is consistently hard, it’s probably not right.

4.     Fully commit to your goals.  Many are interested in achieving their goals, but few are really committed.

5.     In 2012, resolve to be the calming influence in all situations.

6.     Find the positive when faced with a negative experience.

7.     In 2012, refuse to accept anything less than your best work.

8.     Don’t wait to see what type of year you are going to have. DECIDE what type of year you are going to have.

9.     Inspire others rather than trying to impress; be interested rather than trying to be interesting.

10.   Lead with your heart, not with your head: the heart is always smarter than the head.

11.   Be open to everything and limited by nothing (thank you, Ron Dickson).

12.   Choose to be happy – no matter what.

13.   Choose to eliminate all negativity in your life.

14.   Act as if you could not fail.

15.   Spend less than you earn.

16.   It’s great to be liked and respected; however, if you can only choose one, choose being respected.

17.   Eliminate all non-important and non-productive activities from each day.

18.   Say what needs to be heard, not what wants to be heard. Tell the truth no matter what.

19.   Make the choice to live a life you love in 2012.

20.   Stop trying to be everything to everybody and learn to say NO!

21.   Embrace the challenges, embrace the struggles and embrace work.

22.   Get in the best shape of your life. You will love the way you feel physically but most importantly, mentally.

23.   If you are in sales, focus on how many connections – not contacts – you make.

24.   Replace a bad habit with a great habit every month.

25.   Make 2012 the year of NO EXCUSES. We can’t produce results and excuses at the same time. Excuses only justify our lack of results.

26.   Stop complaining. Now.

27.   Never stop believing.

28.   Fall in love with your work, with your life, and with yourself.

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Driveways For Rent

Great article in RealtyTimes: is coming to America so you can make cash by renting out your driveway, garage or other parking space to drivers down on their parking luck. You can rent your space by the hour, day, week or month. The only restrictions could be those imposed by a homeowners association, city ordinance or other jurisdiction.

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Cabbagetown: Back on Top!

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The gentrification of Cabbagetown started in the 1970s, with locals restoring the Victorian homes, and much of the green space and public areas being improved with additions such as wrought iron fences, stone paths, and new shrubbery. Come the 1980s, young professionals and real estate agents started taking advantage of the prime housing opportunities; homes were selling for about $200,000. Today, some of the Victorian homes have fetched more than $1 million.

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Record Low Rate is Not All it Seems

Great article in BorrowBetter:

The Bank of Canada announced this morning that it was leaving its target for the benchmark overnight lending rate at 1%. For consumers, this means their Variable Rate mortgages and Lines of Credit, all of which are based on the retail banks’ Prime Rate, will remain unchanged at near-historic lows.

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Is 30 Years Too Long?

Great article in

What do you think about 30-year mortgages?

This time last year, Jim Flaherty was lowering the maximum amortization period from 35 years to 30 on high ratio mortgages. This year, there’s talk of further reduction down to 25, if consumer debt continues to climb.

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This Couple had a Two-Dog Condo Problem

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Jack and Susan thought they found the condominium of their dreams at 5 Rowntree Rd. in the Kipling and Finch Aves. area of northwest Toronto. They loved the building, the view and the amenities. They could take their two dogs on long walks in the area.

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