Integrity and Caring

“Over a life time the average person will meet over 10,000 people but how many
do you remember? I have known David Stoddard for a number of years and during that
time he has demonstrated integrity. He has demonstrated commitment to causes
greater than himself but most of all, David has demonstrated that ability to
care for people and I can think of no higher calling. He truly is one of those
rare people you are lucky to know and will never want to forget.

Dean Sampano
President, Mass Consultants

Toronto’s Most Underrated Neighbourhoods: New Toronto

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Once upon a time in Toronto, if you were searching for a place to live, you just looked at the neighbourhood that suited your lifestyle. And if the area you liked had become popular — and therefore a little too pricey — you just wandered a few blocks away and found a similar pocket of the city the big wallets hadn’t discovered yet.

But the combination of Toronto’s constant population growth and a sustained real-estate boom over the past decade and a half means you’ll wear out a lot of shoe leather now trying to find a deal. The map of neighbourhoods semi-officially recognized as gentrified or up-and-coming now stretches the length of all the subway lines, and covers virtually every square metre south of St. Clair Ave. from the Beach to Jane St. It’s enough to make some people who want a decent, affordable house take a long look at Hamilton, Milton or Peterborough

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10 Hot Spots for Global Homebuyers

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The state of the U.S. real estate market is in the eye of the beholder. While many Americans have shied away from home purchases due to the economic downturn, a growing number of cash-rich foreign investors are seizing the opportunity to snap up U.S. homes at bargain prices.

Not all U.S. markets are universally appealing to out-of-country investors, however. International homebuying activity is largely concentrated in a few areas of the country. Using public record data compiled by San Diego-based real estate data analysis firm DataQuick, Inman News has identified the 10 most popular areas in the U.S. for foreign homebuyers.

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Real Estate Musings

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Did you know…..

* According to a survey of Realtors by the National Wood Flooring Association 82% said that homes with hardwood floors sold faster and often for more money.

 Here is an interactive web-based guide by the Appraisal Institute of Canada to give consumers a better idea of the return on investment they can expect for a variety of home improvements.

 * According to RealNet Canada and BILD the average new condo being built in the GTA is 820 square feet, about 100 square feet smaller than units built two years ago.

 The smallest condo is planned for the DNA3 project on King St. w at 270 square feet.

* According RealNet Canada  highrise condo sales accounted for 62% of new home sales in 2011 across the GTA. Just a decade ago 75% of purchases were lowrise homes and 25% highrise condos. Quite a shift!!

* For 2011 the GTA  took the world record for the most highrises under construction at 132.

* The average price of a GTA home for 2011 at $465,412 is 7% higher than 2010. Re/Max predicts that prices will jump another 5% this year.

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Another Amazing Development, More Amazing Prices….

I have exclusive access for my Clients from the Builder, Streetcar Developments , for VIP pricing at :

The Carnaby

This is an amazing development located down the lane from Streetcar’s sold out 2 Gladstone and 8 Gladstone Lofts.

The Carnaby is set to further transform this dynamic enclave at Queen St. West and Gladstone.

This new addition to the block will take the form of a visionary mixed-use development incorporating a 20-storey tower with 200 loft residences.

Occupancy in November 2014.

Prices from the mid $200,000’s.

Prices per sq. ft as low as $457/sf

The VIP event will get you in on the ground floor before the regular agents and the public.

I have access to purchase the units. Prices after the VIP event will increase .

The most successful investors make a healthy investment return by attending VIP events with their Realtors.

A select number of Realtors only have access to VIP pricing.

** Click here for the Price List and Relevant information

** Click here for Floor Plans

** Click here for the Brochure

This sale will work differently that the other two at 1000 Bay St. and 36 Park Lawn Rd. ( Both sold out in one day!!!) 

One Day Only Priority Registration

** A worksheet with your top choices must be faxed in from Wednesday March 28,2012 at 4:00pm to 11:59pm with your unit selection.

** First come, first serve. That means sending in the fax at 4:00pm is crucial!

** One unit per purchaser

I am allowed three buyers only.

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Proposed Changes to the Canadian Mortgage Landscape

Here is an article written by George Christopoulos from the Mortgage Centre summarizing the proposed changes to the Canadian mortgage landscape.

Once again we are seeing the federal government propose changes to the way Canadian mortgage lenders manage their approval process and the rules they will follow. While this may be prudent financially, it will cause a ripple effect to borrowers, making it more difficult for some, and even eliminate others from eligibility. These rules have not yet come into effect, but the fact that the government has issued a draft proposal would seem to indicate that it will happen sooner rather than later.

Some of the major changes contemplated in the guidelines are as follows:

1. For self employed individuals – a much higher degree of due diligence to ensure that their true income is sufficient to support the loan payments. This will include requiring the borrower to provide full disclosure of financial statements, personal tax returns, and tax assessments from Canada Revenue Agency

2. For Home Equity Lines of Credit ( HELOCS), maximum borrowing of 65% of the property value. Also, there will be a requirement to have a repayment plan in place rather than allowing the borrower to pay only interest indefinitely. This will significantly increase borrowers monthly obligations. In the long term, it will build equity in the home.

3. Qualifying for a mortgage will be more conservative. Lenders will start using a government mandated rate on all mortgage terms less than 5 years in term and on all variable rate mortgages. This is intended to protect borrowers against payment shock in case rates increase at time of renewal. These provisions currently only apply to high ratio mortgages.

4. For borrowers approaching retirement, lenders will be looking at probable income levels once the borrower retires to ensure they will be able to meet their payment schedule once retirement occurs.

5. For borrowers earning non standard income such as overtime, commission, or bonuses, more diligence will be applied to protect against the reduction of these amounts in the future. Likely, this will mean that only a portion of non standard income will be considered as part of income for mortgage lending purposes.

6. Property appraisals will now be required at time of renewal to establish what the loan to value ratio is at that time. Currently, mortgages are routinely renewed without any assessment of property value or borrower qualifications.

7. For non conforming mortgages – typically meaning self employed borrowers with stated income or those borrowers with higher than standard debt service ratios, the maximum loan amount will be limited to 65% of the property value.

8. 100% financing which is typically done using a cash back incentive in the mortgage, will no longer be available and borrowers will have to have the minimum down payment (currently 5%) from their own savings or from a gift from an immediate family member.

These changes, when implemented, will result in confusion in the marketplace as there are many changes for many borrower classes. The value of consulting with an experienced mortgage professional to provide proper guidance through the maze will become even more important to ensure that the borrower is fully aware of all of their options and how the rules may affect them.

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The Truth Behind the “Mortgage War”

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Have you been following the mortgage chatter the last couple of days?

The latest salvos in the brewing “Mortgage War” have been fired by the regulators and aimed squarely at the big banks. You can read all the gory details in the National Post HERE or the Globe and Mail HERE. The Post article focuses primarily on comments made by Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, highlighting the belief that the “greatest domestic threat to our economy”, as described by Carney, “is that Canadians have taken on too much debt as they cashed in on low interest rates to buy homes.” The Globe article looks at CMHC’s plan to reduce the growth of its portfolio, presumably by focusing only on loans that actually require insurance by law (i.e., mortgages that represent more than 80% of the value of the home) as opposed to the conventional mortgage bundles that the banks have been insuring to improve their attractiveness to bond traders.

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Online Fraud Prevention Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

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Some helpful pointers from TD Canada Trust!

I’m as worried about cyber fraud as the next person but that doesn’t mean I’m doing everything I should to protect myself. I’m in and out of dozens of websites every day and frequently register online to purchase items or get the information I need.
I am reluctant to use overly complex passwords and change them as frequently as recommended because there is no way I can keep all the changes in my head and for sure I’ll end up locked out of my computer, my online banking and my voice mail just when I need them most.

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New Construction Inspections Now Available to Buyers

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Buyers of resale homes are well advised to look to reputable home inspectors before signing on the dotted line, and it would seem that most do. It’s hard to get an exact figure, but based on the numbers I’ve run into, probably at least three-quarters of home shoppers are getting home inspections.

It’s a good thing. First as evidence that we’re not buying entirely with our hearts, but for more practical, far-reaching reasons as well — home inspection is the ounce of prevention that can save you a pound of headaches and legal issues later

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Street Smarts: South Etobicoke’s Waterfront Gets Swanky

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In the mid-1980s, Camrost-Felcorp CEO David Feldman acquired a fast food outlet on Lake Shore Blvd. W. in Etobicoke and developed the site into 820 condominium homes he dubbed Marina Del Rey. The waterfront project was recognized as the best-planned urban community in Ontario.  The project gave Mr. Feldman the confidence to tackle the nearby infamous motel strip, where his Mystic Pointe master-planned community eventually sprang to life. California Condos is its latest addition.

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I was involved in the Key West VIP Broker Event at 36 Parklawn Rd. Only few units remain after the event. My clients love the serentity of this area.

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2012 Tax Filing Season: 5 Triggers That Could Lead to an Audit

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The dreaded brown envelope arrived just after Christmas. Instant fear! Would it be a full-blown tax take down (called a field audit) or just an inquiry? I’ve experienced the former and a colonoscopy is preferable.

“Our records indicate that you have received income that appears to be partially reported, or not reported on your income tax return,” the Canada Revenue Agency form letter stated. At least the CRA was kind enough to enclose a preaddressed mailing label.

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Rate War!! (The Sequel)

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If a rate is too good to be true….it usually is. Read the fine print.

Another week, another round of dramatic and attractive rate cuts by Canada’s big banks that fly directly in the face of the “concern” expressed by the banks themselves. After Bank of Montreal relaunched its record-low (but restrictive) five-year mortgage,  TD Canada Trust re-introduced a deal of their own that sent mortgage rates plummeting on 4 year terms; Royal Bank and CIBC were expected to follow suit in the next day or so.

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