28 Insights to Inspire and Ignite Your Thoughts in 2012

Courtesy of Richard Robbins:

1.     Believe in yourself. You have and are everything you need to be to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

2.     In 2012, you are writing the next chapter in the story of your life. Write something that makes you proud.

3.     Remember: if it is consistently hard, it’s probably not right.

4.     Fully commit to your goals.  Many are interested in achieving their goals, but few are really committed.

5.     In 2012, resolve to be the calming influence in all situations.

6.     Find the positive when faced with a negative experience.

7.     In 2012, refuse to accept anything less than your best work.

8.     Don’t wait to see what type of year you are going to have. DECIDE what type of year you are going to have.

9.     Inspire others rather than trying to impress; be interested rather than trying to be interesting.

10.   Lead with your heart, not with your head: the heart is always smarter than the head.

11.   Be open to everything and limited by nothing (thank you, Ron Dickson).

12.   Choose to be happy – no matter what.

13.   Choose to eliminate all negativity in your life.

14.   Act as if you could not fail.

15.   Spend less than you earn.

16.   It’s great to be liked and respected; however, if you can only choose one, choose being respected.

17.   Eliminate all non-important and non-productive activities from each day.

18.   Say what needs to be heard, not what wants to be heard. Tell the truth no matter what.

19.   Make the choice to live a life you love in 2012.

20.   Stop trying to be everything to everybody and learn to say NO!

21.   Embrace the challenges, embrace the struggles and embrace work.

22.   Get in the best shape of your life. You will love the way you feel physically but most importantly, mentally.

23.   If you are in sales, focus on how many connections – not contacts – you make.

24.   Replace a bad habit with a great habit every month.

25.   Make 2012 the year of NO EXCUSES. We can’t produce results and excuses at the same time. Excuses only justify our lack of results.

26.   Stop complaining. Now.

27.   Never stop believing.

28.   Fall in love with your work, with your life, and with yourself.

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