Yard Sale for the Cure-DavisVille Village

Each year thousands of RE/MAX offices, agents and clients participate in the Yard Sale for the Cure.

Last year RE/MAX Hallmark raised over $7,000 at 6 of our office locations. Every dollar raised through Yard Sale for the Cure goes towards breast cancer research, health promotion, advocacy, education and awareness programs

Started in 2005 by Rachel Smith, a breast cancer survivor, who along with friends and family held the first yard sale in the Toronto Beach community. Yard Sale for the Cure, now in its fourth year as a signature fundraising event for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, has raised over $1,500,000.

On behalf of  Remax Hallmark, I am organizing my own neighbourhood yard sale in Davisville Village to be held on May 25 from 9am-2pm with all proceeds going towards breast cancer research.  

The more we can sell the bigger our group donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

The following homes are participating:

517 Davisville Ave.

521 Davisville Ave.

523 Davisville Ave.

525 Davisville Ave.

527 Davisville Ave.

529 Davisville Ave.

531 Davisville Ave.

9 Lemay Rd.

12 Lemay Rd.

18 Lemay Rd.

19 Lemay Rd.

21 Lemay Rd.

22 Lemay Rd.

23 Lemay Rd.

26 Lemay Rd.

30 Lemay Rd.

33 Lemay Rd.

34 Lemay Rd.

10 Whitewood Rd.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community –driven organization in Canada dedicated to creating a future without breast cancer. Our investments in innovative and relevant research and education have led to progress in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. Since 1986, we have been at the forefront of a nationwide movement supporting and advocating for the breast cancer community

Let’s make this an amazing event!!!

Please support us by coming to our sale .

Alternatively please make a donation on our secure Yard Sale For The Cure webpage hosted by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation:


Tax receipts will be issued with a minimum $20.00 donation.

Thanks for your support.


Modern City Taking Flight Through Canary

Great article in www.YourHome.ca

This Canary isn’t in a coal mine, but it’s just as much a sign of things ahead, in this case, entirely positive.

We’re talking about the mixed-use residential neighbourhood now under construction in the West Don Lands. Named for the greasy spoon that occupied the corner of Cherry and Front for decades, Canary District is being hyped as Toronto’s first 21st-century community; that means it will be sustainable, urban, connected, transit-oriented and diverse.

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Condos May be Okay for Toronto, but This is the Beach

Great article in www.TheGlobeandMail.com

In 1980, a burger joint opened in the Beach strip of Queen Street East. Singing staff served up burgers, fries and milkshakes from a corner building on a commercial strip of one- or two-storey shops, a streetscape that was pretty typical of Toronto’s main streets.

In the ensuing 32 years, that Lick’s Homeburgers has grown to become a chain of 23 outlets and Toronto has become home to the greatest concentration of condo-building construction cranes on the continent. Still, that low-slung Beach strip has remained more or less the same.

If local resident associations are any indication, Beachers like their Queen Street just the way it is. A proposed six-storey, 29-unit building with ground-floor retail at the Lick’s location is kicking up a surprising amount of dust. The city’s planning department recommended the re-zoning application be approved earlier this month and on Tuesday the Toronto and East York community council will vote on it. Planners say smart growth in Toronto means building up main avenues. Resident groups are decrying what they see as a policy void that could erode the character of main-street strips across Toronto.

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Mount Pleasant East

Great article in www.TorontoLife.com

Since the Mount Pleasant Cemetery was carved out of farmland in 1876, the idyllic parkland, offering more than 500 tree species and varieties, has become the city’s most desirable resting place, with glitzy residents like the Eaton and Massey families. This midtown neighbourhood has become as posh as the graveyard to its south. Mothers fill their stroller baskets with baguettes or antique finds from Mount Pleasant’s shops, while Bayview’s casual sidewalk pubs and restaurants cater to laid-back locals. Good schools (like private Sunnybrook School and Maurice Cody Public School) are drawing young, double-income families to live among long-time residents. Two-storey semis (expect to pay about $600,000) and detached 1920s brick homes cram against new mansions (up to $1.8 million) and a few townhouses.

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Toronto’s Most Underrated Neighbourhoods: Weston

Great article on www.TheGridTO.com 

Before The Junction became the place that hipsters go to raise their young, it already had a couple of the ingredients you could use to predict an urban renaissance: a preserved, century-old streetscape that made you feel like you were living in a movie, plus a community of residents fiercely proud of their neighbourhood’s history and identity.

In the historic Village of Weston, you’ll find similar raw material. On Weston Road around Lawrence Avenue, you can feel the history contained in the stone and brick prewar architecture and the old-school penny-farthing bicycle sculptures hanging from lampposts. Landmark libraries, churches and a host of local history and community groups trumpet the area’s legacy as a strong, independent industrial town.

The large brick heritage homes on the tree-lined residential streets carry on the traditional feel, and offer access to vast swaths of parkland along the Humber River.

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Did You Buy in the Right Neighbourhood?

Toronto Life, www.TorontoLife.com, has added a fantastic real estate section which includes neighbourhood profiles of 76 of the City of Toronto’s defined neighbourhoods.

Each profile contains selling features, crime rates, commuting information, restaurants , shops and more.

Check it out here !

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River City Phase 1: Nearing Completion

Great article on www.NewinHomes.com 

The revitalization of Toronto’s Waterfront is a very important step in making the city one of the top must-see destinations in the world. Think of all the photographs you have seen of the world’s most celebrated skylines. The majority of them show the waterfront, because their waterfronts are worth seeing! The development of a waterfront comes with more retail, restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges, and most importantly, homes. With all of this in mind, we are happy to announce that construction at the first phase of River City by the Urban Capital Property Group and Waterfront Toronto is moving along exceptionally well! (Granted, River City is closer to the Don River, hence the name, but it is a project by Waterfront Toronto, and they have been working tirelessly for the past five years to develop our Waterfront into something we can be proud of.)

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Toronto’s Most Underrated Neighbourhoods: New Toronto

Great article on www.TheStar.com

Once upon a time in Toronto, if you were searching for a place to live, you just looked at the neighbourhood that suited your lifestyle. And if the area you liked had become popular — and therefore a little too pricey — you just wandered a few blocks away and found a similar pocket of the city the big wallets hadn’t discovered yet.

But the combination of Toronto’s constant population growth and a sustained real-estate boom over the past decade and a half means you’ll wear out a lot of shoe leather now trying to find a deal. The map of neighbourhoods semi-officially recognized as gentrified or up-and-coming now stretches the length of all the subway lines, and covers virtually every square metre south of St. Clair Ave. from the Beach to Jane St. It’s enough to make some people who want a decent, affordable house take a long look at Hamilton, Milton or Peterborough

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Street Smarts: South Etobicoke’s Waterfront Gets Swanky

Great article in www.NationalPost.com

In the mid-1980s, Camrost-Felcorp CEO David Feldman acquired a fast food outlet on Lake Shore Blvd. W. in Etobicoke and developed the site into 820 condominium homes he dubbed Marina Del Rey. The waterfront project was recognized as the best-planned urban community in Ontario.  The project gave Mr. Feldman the confidence to tackle the nearby infamous motel strip, where his Mystic Pointe master-planned community eventually sprang to life. California Condos is its latest addition.

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I was involved in the Key West VIP Broker Event at 36 Parklawn Rd. Only few units remain after the event. My clients love the serentity of this area.

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Dovercourt Park is a “Hood on the Rise “

Great article in www.TheGlobeandMail.com

Among Toronto neighbourhoods, Dovercourt Park is something of an unsung hero.

Neither seedy enough to attract rising chefs with cult followings, nor gentrified enough to send real estate values out of sight, it’s long been a stalwart area where immigrants find a community, twentysomethings are able to rent a decent apartment, and first-time buyers can purchase a semi and fix it up.

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There are some fantastic Ethiopian restaurants along “BloorCourt”. Not too fancy but eating with your hands is always fun.

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Toronto’s Entertainment District is Full of Surprises

The Entertainment District is evolving….quickly . Clubland is disappearing to the delight of neighbouring residents . Trendy condo buildings are appearing along with shops and restaurants , adding to this neighbourhood’s increasing popularity.

Here is a great article in http://life.nationalpost.com

It’s 11 p.m. on a Saturday night and the lineups are starting to build outside the bevy of roped-off nightclubs along Peter, Richmond and Adelaide streets in downtown Toronto. With the theatre crowd safely back home or tucked into the area’s bars and restaurants for a nightcap, the girls are bubbling with excitement as they huddle together in teeny tiny skirts, bare shoulders and mile-high stilettos despite the February chill. Brawny bouncers keep order, ensuring only those on the guest list or those with the gift of gab make it inside.

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Cabbagetown: Back on Top!

Great article in www.newinhomes.com

The gentrification of Cabbagetown started in the 1970s, with locals restoring the Victorian homes, and much of the green space and public areas being improved with additions such as wrought iron fences, stone paths, and new shrubbery. Come the 1980s, young professionals and real estate agents started taking advantage of the prime housing opportunities; homes were selling for about $200,000. Today, some of the Victorian homes have fetched more than $1 million.

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Leslieville: On the Verge

Great article in www.newinhomes.com  

There’s something in the air in Leslieville! Leslieville is a neighbourhood in Toronto east of the Don River, with the Canadian National Railway bordering the north end, Empire Avenue along the west, Eastern Avenue to the south, and Coxwell Avenue to the east. Queen Street East is probably the most major street that runs through it.

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The Entertainment District Enters the Next Phase

Great article in www.newinhomes.com

We at the Toronto Star’s NewInHomes.com are fascinated with the way that the Greater Toronto Area is constantly transforming, physically and socially, becoming better and better. One area that has undergone considerable change, and is on the verge of a third phase of metamorphosis, is the Entertainment District downtown. Click for more:

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