Property Tax Assessment Deadline is Approaching

The filing deadline if you want to appeal your property taxes is March 31, 2015.

Market values have increased dramatically in Ontario since 2008 and most owners are seeing increases on the Property Assessment Notices they have received from MPAC. In some cases, the information that MPAC maintains on your property may be out of date or incorrect.

Attard Property Tax Services is a boutique law firm assisting property owners throughout Ontario obtain fair and equitable property tax assessments since 1992.

They will verify all the information that MPAC has on file for your property and obtain a Property Profile Report. They will also compare your assessment to similar sold and unsold properties in your area to determine its accuracy.

Use their convenient online form to signup for a free review of your MPAC Property Assessment. It’s that simple!!!

Complete their online Request for Reconsideration Form at and they will take care of everything for you.

You will need the 15-digit roll number found on your Tax Bill or Property Assessment Notice.

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The Great Mortgage Debate Continues….

From the Desk of My Team Mortgage Specialist, Jerome Trail.

The great mortgage debate continues….for current mortgage holders, should I stay with my variable rate or is it time to lock into a fixed rate mortgage? For first time home buyers, should I apply for a variable rate or should I apply for a fixed rate?

The Bank of Canada hasn’t touched interest rates one way or another, since Sept 2010. Since that time the bank rate has remained at 1%. And all we have heard since is “….they have to go up – there’s no way they can stay at this level” or “its just a matter of time – better lock in now to a long fixed rate mortgage or we will miss the boat”.

Historically, central banks use interest rates to control inflation. An overheated economy with rising prices can be tamed or cut back with a boost in rates, which should curb spending and reduce price increases.

An economy that is slow or slumping with high unemployment can be jump started with a reduction in rates, thus encouraging spending.

It seems that our central bank has taken on a new role of late….trying to control the market with announcements about the “overheated real estate market” or the unprecedented level of debt per capita. Is the central bank suggesting that it will raise rates to curb the hot real estate market? Is it suggesting that rate increases will result in homeowners losing their homes?

No one knows with certainty what will happen, and when. But every year we hear about rates going up…… likely in the third quarter. We are hearing it again now, as we come to the end of 2014. It is the same thing every year – – rates are going up, it’s just a matter of when. Rates will go up – – that’s a guarantee!

If you are planning to purchase a home in 2015 now is the time to learn about what is required for a successful mortgage application in today’s strict lending climate and the steps that you will need to follow months in advance of your home purchase to insure that your mortgage application will be accepted with the best possible interest rate and with the best possible mortgage options.

Interest rates are at historical lows….for now.

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Have a great holiday season and lots of health and happiness in the New Year!

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What Homeowners Can Do to Prevent Basement Flooding

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It is that time of year again, when you start preparing for the cold winter months. You trade in those shorts and flip flops for a down coat and warm boots; put away that comfortable patio furniture and beach chairs and pull out the ice skates and hockey equipment; or you put the lawnmower in storage and fuel up the snowblower for those blustery days ahead. There’s one more vital task every homeowner needs to do but often overlooks – preparing for and taking steps to prevent basement flooding.

Each winter, homeowners lose hundreds of thousands of dollars from basement flooding. Whether you use your cellar for storage, laundry, workshop or extra living space, the loss of personal property due to flooding can be devastating. Even a few inches of water can destroy the furnace, water heater or electrical system and put your family’s safety at risk. Mold, mildew and bacteria growth can begin as soon as 24 hours after exposure to a damp environment causing long-term respiratory and other health concerns. Water infiltration sometimes comes with little warning, giving you little time to take expensive furniture, appliances, entertainment systems or tools to higher ground. As if all that wasn’t enough, being unprepared for a basement flood can compromise the structure of the home through damage to the basement flooring, wallboard and even the foundation. While the thought of this type of potentially catastrophic event can be overwhelming, you can control and even prevent basement flooding with a little planning.


Internal – includes flooding due to equipment failure, back-ups or homeowner error.

* Use burst-proof pipes on washing machine.

* Add a lint trap on washing machine drain to prevent laundry tray back-up.

* Make sure laundry tray drain is open and free of obstruction.

* Check dishwasher flexible tubing for cracks or loose connections.

* Make sure sump pump is operating properly and handles sufficient capacity.

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