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The best athletes, singers and movie stars all have personal coaches which play a huge part in their success. 

Buying a home/condo to live-in or as an investment may well be the largest investment in your lifetime.

Buying a home/condo involves a lot of preparation.

Do you think that having a personal real estate coach by your side will help you to avoid the most common and expensive  home buyer mistakes?

Not having a systemized buying plan or investment plan in place can be very costly, time consuming and frustrating!

My VIP Buyer Coaching Program will prepare you for your ultimate goal….to purchase a home/condo.

“Failing to Plan is Planning To Fail”

Even if you are more than 1 year away from purchasing your home/condo , now is the time to get educated about the real estate market and about the home buying process and learn what steps are necessary to come out on top.

I will be your personal real estate coach until your home buying goal is reached.

Here is what you get in my VIP Buyer Coaching Program:

*A free one-on-one 60 minute Buyer Planning Session with me. We will discuss the necessary steps required to ready yourself for your ultimate goal…your home/condo purchase.

* Cash-Flow and Closing Costs spreadsheet analyses.

* Personal Budget consultation.

* The top home/condo buying mistakes to avoid.

* A free mortgage consultation with my Mortgage Specialist to prepare you for your eventual mortgage application.

* Free Registration for my Homewatch program to be the first to receive Realtor real estate listings including foreclosures.

* A free tour of homes/condos to learn about market valuation and neighbourhoods.

* Free monthly Market reports

* Free Real Estate newsletter emailed 6* a year.

* Blog articles about relevant real estate information.

* Free ongoing advice and consultation with me about the real estate market and your personal plan.

All without a Commitment from you and….. FREE 

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