Your FREE Home or Condo Tour…..

Your FREE personal tour is a great way for you to figure out which neighbourhoods and condo buildings are right for you even if your purchase date is 6-12 months away.

Your personal tour is not designed to find the home or condo of your dreams. Rather, your tour provides an opportunity for you to learn about what homes or condos look like in the neighbourhoods and price ranges of your choice.

Your personal tour is held days, evening or weekends….whichever is best for your schedule .

You will have an opportunity, in a very casual setting, to discuss real estate and to become better educated about the home and condo market and about what specific things a buyer should be aware of when buying a home or condo.

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Our Clients have found our home and condo tours an invaluable learning experience.

Here is what Gaby had to say about her TOUR:

“As a first time home buyer, my biggest concern is my budget and preventing those typical ‘uneducated’ mistakes that most first-time home buyers make.  David’s Condo Tour offers touring different areas in Toronto to learn what you can afford, as well as the different condo styles available.  This can be a huge wake up call for most, and it is best to learn from it early on in your search.  David has a quick grasp in understanding what you want, and with his easy-going attitude,  there’s no doubt you’ll feel comfortable.   From the very start you get the sense that he has your best interest at heart by providing a lot of  advice in terms of what you should watch out for.  He is very knowledgeable about the market and answers all your questions and concerns.  I recommend the tour to anyone looking to purchase a condo”.

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